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Mykonos rivals only Santorini as probably the most photographed of all Greek islands. Its dazzlingly white capital embraces a horseshoe-shaped harbour backed by a line of windmills. Within the narrow streets, their character religiously preserved, are hundreds of elegant small boutiques offering jewellery, paintings and objets d’art as well as the necessities of life. And then there are the restaurants – dozens, of all nationalities, many as chic in their prices as in their ambiance.

As if that weren’t enough, Mykonos has more swathes of glorious sandy beaches than any other Greek island. Some are already developed with hotels along the shores, others are being developed and the remainder no doubt will be; but so far the island has managed to avoid saturation point and there are green, almost wild, patches at least in the north and east. Every beach has its share of shady tavernas and access is assured by an excellent bus service making your own transport unnecessary.

One other attraction must not be overlooked – the offshore islet of Delos. Here, just minutes away by ferry, lies one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, founded in the 7th century BC and flourishing in various forms as a great religious, political and/or commercial centre until about 600 AD. There are temples, agoras, statues, columns and an impressive avenue of stone lions: don’t miss Delos!

One of the great party islands of Greece (but by no means lager-lout territory), Mykonos has become famous for its appeal to the gay community. Whilst that is fact, they do not dominate the scene and you can easily be unaware of them unless you intentionally engage in gay-spotting. The combination of superb beaches, a picturesque town and a huge choice of accommodation and eating places make it a powerful magnet for almost anybody.

Mykonos can be reached by direct flights from Gatwick and Manchester or through Athens with domestic connections by air, traditional ferry or fast catamaran. It can be easily combined with Naxos, Paros and Santorini.

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*Tavernas within easy walk *Sandy beaches (by Greek standards!) *Good for mixed group *Archaeological interest *Good local bus service *Night life *Accommodation near beach available *Accommodation with a pool available